This  questionnaire  has   been   designed   by   the  editorial  staff  of news@fmul in order to evaluate reader's  satisfaction with the  FMUL nesletter, obtaining  this  way  important  guide  lines to  improve our publication.  We  thank  you  in  advance  for  your  collaboration.  All information resulting from your participation will remain anonymous and confidential


1. Identify your Unit

2. Class of reader:


3. Gender:

3.1 Age Group:

Reception of  News@FMUL
  4. Means of access :

  5. Reception difficulties:

Motivation for Reading
   6. Main motivations for reading:

  7. Comprehensive Reading of editions

  8. Classification of items
 . editorial Note

 . FMUL News

 . Events

. Protocols

. Research and advanced Training

. Area for Science

. Feature/Profile

. Past News

. More and Better

. Listening to FMUL

. Moments

. Open Area

. Take Note

. Quality Articles


Evaluation of image and features

  9. Classification of image and features

 . Graphical interface

 . Navegability

 . Clarity of information

 . Periodicity of Publication


Evaluation of content

  10. Classification of content

 . Timeliness of articles

 . Diversity of articles

 . Quantity of articles

 . Relevence of articles

 . Size of articles



  11. Would you recommend the News to colleagues/ friends?

  12. Do you forward the News to colleagues/ friends?

Suggestions and comments

   13. Which articles/ news/ topics would you like to see published in news@fmul?

Thank you for your cooperation!

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